Castlevania Reveals New Poster To Hype Season Four

Castlevania's fourth and final season is only a few days from arriving on Netflix, promising to [...]

Castlevania's fourth and final season is only a few days from arriving on Netflix, promising to bring an end to the story of Trevor Belmont and his fellow vampire hunters as they attempt to prevent the resurrection of Dracula and new threats emerging in his absence, and Netflix has decided to unleash a new poster to get fans hyped for the big return of the series. With the forces of Carmilla and Isaac threatening to swallow the world, season four is promising some unholy encounters for the likes of Trevor, Sypha, and Alucard, who had quite the journey in season three.

Powerhouse Animation has gone on record that even though this is the last season of this iteration of Castlevania, they are already mulling over the idea of returning to the world of Belmonts and creatures of the night in the future. The video game franchise itself has given fans stories from the supernatural world for decades, so there are definitely several big stories that they could cover that don't involve the vampire hunters we've come to know in this animated series. Season Four is set to arrive on May 13th, giving fans the opportunity to follow Trevor and his friends one last time.

The Official Twitter Account for Netflix Geeked shared the new poster for Castlevania's fourth season, which takes the opportunity to focus on the major villains of the series now that Dracula is no more in the forms of Carmilla, her sisters, Isaac, and Hector:

For those who need a refresher on the status of Carmilla and Isaac, both followers of Dracula are attempting to raise armies of "night creatures" for two very different reasons, neither of which is particularly great for mankind. Carmilla and her sisters are attempting to dominate mankind to have a steady supply of blood at the ready, envisioning humanity as cattle to help them in surviving the long night. For Isaac, the devil forger is attempting to get revenge for his fallen master Dracula, hoping to eradicate mankind and give the world of the monsters that he has been dragging from hell.

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