Castlevania Creators Explain How SPOILER Returned

Castlevania's fourth season marked the end of the journey that Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard [...]

Castlevania's fourth season marked the end of the journey that Trevor Belmont, Sypha, and Alucard shared in defeating Dracula and subsequently attempting to stop his resurrection in the popular animated series on Netflix, and the creators of the series recently took part in Netflix's Geeked Week to explain the big return that took place in the final moments of the show. Geeked Week had plenty of new info for anime fans, but the news bite that Castlevania would be returning with a new series following the exploits of Richter Belmont and Maria was definitely one of the biggest of the event.

Warning. If you have yet to watch the finale of Castlevania's fourth season, we're going to dive into major spoiler territory.

During the interview between Netflix and the creative directors and animators at Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind this latest adaptation of the Belmont Clan, the question arose regarding how Dracula and his wife, Lisa, were able to find their way back to their bodies. As Adam and Samuel Deets explain, "their bodies are gone at this point. So their souls when released from Death, they manifested physical forms,"

Castlevania Spoilers Return
(Photo: Powerhouse)

The creators also explain that there was a clever Easter Egg in the animation itself, stating that "there is a moment when the body explodes and you literally see them exit the body. It's only for a few frames and we kept it as subtle as possible. This is magic and it has an explanation."

In the final moments of the series, we see both Dracula and Lisa deciding to put the violence of their past behind them and start life fresh, even going so far as to not let Alucard know for the time being that they have returned to the land of the living. With the next series in the Castlevania universe focusing on Richter Belmont and seemingly adapting the events of the video game, Rondo of Blood, Dracula will more than likely play a role in the spin-off, as well as introduce several new characters to the lore of the supernatural epic.

While we most likely won't be seeing Trevor or Sypha returning to this upcoming spin-off, with it taking place hundreds of years following the events of the first series, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if Alucard were to make a grand return considering his presence in the storyline of the games.

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