Cells at Work Cosplay Highlights Code Black's New White Blood Cell

One Cells at Work cosplay has highlighted the new White Blood Cell seen in the Code Black [...]

One Cells at Work cosplay has highlighted the new White Blood Cell seen in the Code Black spin-off! Following the impressive debut of the first season of Cells at Work a couple of years back, Akane Shimizu's original manga franchise made a grand return this year as part of the Winter 2021 anime season. Not only did the original anime series return for its much anticipated second season, but the anime debuted a brand new spin-off series that airs at the very same time. You would think this would be overwhelming, but the two series could not be more different.

Cells at Work: Code Black imagines the same anthropomorphic takes on the human body as seen in the original, but in a much older and far more damaged body. To go with this new direction are brand new takes on the various cell characters seen within the body, and one of the major standouts of these new takes is the new version of the bloody fighter, White Blood Cell. Now artist @hane_ame has brought this new version of the White Blood Cell to life through some bloody cosplay of their own! Check it out below:

If you wanted to check out both Cells at Work and Cells at Work: Code Black yourself, both series are now streaming with Funimation and Crunchyroll. Each series offers completely different experiences while still teaching about various critical processes in the body. Code Black is the much more intense take on the body, however, as it sees a much more damaged body dealing with more adult medical issues such as smoking, caffeine's impact on the body, sexually transmitted diseases, and more.

This has offered a different take on the cells seen in that original series too, and they're potentially much more layered than in the original series since there are several wrinkles introduced into the kinds of jobs they perform. This White Blood Cell is also much more open with the central Red Blood Cell, and that dynamic is one of the core tenets of the spin-off. But what do you think?

How are you liking Cells at Work: Code Black? How does it compare to the original series? Would you watch another season of Code Black? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!