Chainsaw Man Just Adapted One of Makima's Bloodiest Scenes in the Manga

Chainsaw Man anime continues to kill it with Episode 9, "From Kyoto". The Tokyo Devil Hunters were left reeling (or dead) after a highly-coordinated ambush by the Gun Devil's gang, with Denji left standing to face his own devil-human hybrid counterpart in "Katana Man." Well, The Devil Hunters manage to prove their mettle in the midst of the death, as the surviving members rally to take on their foes. During that counterstrike, Makima proves why she is the one in charge of this division of the Devil Hunters! 


Yes, it turns out that Makima wasn't shot to death on the train to Kyoto – or she WAS, and somehow resurrected. Either way, we finally get a showcase of Makima's devil contract powers – and while there are SO MANY questions about how those powers work (or even what they are), there's no debate that they are shockingly bloody

Makima uses a form of clairvoyant vision and almost voodoo-style remote manipulation to literally twist the bodies of the Gun Devil gang member until they pop like tubes of yogurt. The technique gets even darker as we see Makima use a group of death row inmates as totems for the ritual: she forces each convict to speak the name of a gang member, and once she performs her 'squish attach' the inmate who spoke the name also dies! 

As you can see above, Chainsaw Man manga fans have been waiting awhile for Makima's "Temple Scene" to make it into anime form. As always, manga is a stunning visual art form – but what anime (when done right) does to enhance cannot be equaled. So while Makima's power certainly stood out in the manga, it's downright traumatizing in anime. The moving visuals of bodies being twisted beyond all physical limits is disturbing on a Cronenberg level; the bloody mess either left behind and/or splattered onto nearby onlookers makes it something out of a horror movie. 

More than anything, this temple sequence has taken Makima from enigmatic question to genuine character of intrigue. How she survived getting shot (while appearing dead) and why her devil contracts are so secret are now questions that will keep us invested – well beyond Denji's horny intentions. The episode also ends with the dark reveal that Makima may have very well had the power to forsee the Gun Devil's ambush was coming – rasing new questions and speculation about why she let it go down. 

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