Chainsaw Man Creator Needs Your Questions ASAP

Chainsaw Man is currently one of the most anticipated anime adaptations that is set to blaze its [...]

Chainsaw Man is currently one of the most anticipated anime adaptations that is set to blaze its way to the small screen, with Studio MAPPA, the creative folks behind Jujutsu Kaisen, and Attack On Titan's final season, helping to bring the twisted adventures of Denji to life. Later this summer, for MAPPA's Tenth Anniversary Celebration, the creator of Chainsaw Man, Tatsuki Fujimoto, will be answering fan questions and he needs your help when it comes to having plenty of fan input when it comes to the series and the upcoming television series that is sure to leave its mark in the anime world.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the insane premise of Chainsaw Man, the killer manga revolves around a world of devils wherein certain humans make deals with supernatural beasts in order to gain powers of their own. Offering different parts of themselves such as their body or their souls, mankind can find itself experiencing new levels of power if they are able to make the right deals. The series revolves around the former mob hitman Denji, an aloof teenager who is simply trying to find three square meals a day and go on a date from time to time, who absorbs his dog who happens to be the Chainsaw Devil, granting him the power of Chainsaw Man in the process.

Twitter User CSM Source shared the details about the upcoming MAPPA Stage Event that will bring Tatsuki Fujimoto to the stage to answer fan questions while also potentially offering us our first look at the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man from the hard working studio:

In the manga, the first part of Chainsaw Man came to an end in all its bloody glory, but the creator has gone on record that he plans to continue the story of Denji and his friends that were able to survive the ordeals of the opening series.

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