Chainsaw Man: The True Tragedy Behind Denji's Poor Impulse Control

The Chainsaw Devil is dealing with a lot right now and has come to some wild conclusions about himself in the process.

Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation plans to return to the silver screen, seeing a new mysterious character named Reze becoming a part of Denji's life. While anime fans might be waiting to see the Chainsaw Devil return, the manga continues to march on with some wild new storylines. In the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man's manga, Denji comes to some wild conclusions about his own life that is both as heart-wrenching as it is hilarious. 

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Chainsaw Man's manga, Chapter 166, you might want to steer clear as we'll be diving into spoiler territory. When last we left Denji in the manga, the Chainsaw Devil was attempting to find Nayuta following horrific encounters with both the Chainsaw Man Church and the Japanese government. While Denji has gained his freedom and now has the War Devil, Katana Devil, and Famine at his side, his internal struggles appear to be as strong as ever. In a hilarious turn of events, the Katana Man offers Denji a "brothel visit" to help him clear his head, only to see that the brothel itself has been burned to the ground. Needless to say, Denji is not having a good time.

Denji's Hilarious Self-Discovery

Seeing that the "Condom Girl" brothel has burned down, Denji loses himself in tearing himself down. "Why can't I keep my priorities straight? My pets died, Nayuta's missing, and I'm trying to go to a brothel? I wanna be Chainsaw Man for the praise and acknowledgment?! What a load of crap! The truth is, all I really wanted was for ladies to be all over me so I could have tons and tons of sex!!"

Believing that all of his problems arise from his desire to "get laid", Asa comes up with an extreme solution, aka eliminating the part of Denji's anatomy that is responsible. The chapter ends with the War Devil asking Denji to follow her, promising to remove his "problem" as author Tatsuki Fujimoto is clearly taking the manga to some wild locales.

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