Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Welcomes a Last-Minute Devil

Chainsaw Man has been on a tear since its manga made a comeback this summer. After wrapping part one, creator Tatsuki Fujimoto turned up the drama for his next act, and fans are loving the elevation. After all, Denji has found himself a new foe that readers have come to love. And thanks to a new update, Chainsaw Man just turned up another notch by introducing an all-new devil.

And this one? Well, we are sure their return is not going to go over well.

The whole thing went live this week when Chainsaw Man put out its latest chapter and united Asa Mitaka with Yuko. The classmates leveled with one another after the latter was nearly killed by a cockroach devil. Mitaka managed to save her friend, and up until now, Yuko seemed like the most normal high school student. But of course, Chainsaw Man flipped her reputation on its head by revealing she was the new host of the Justice Devil.

Yes, you read that right. Yuko has made a contract of her own, and she is now able to use the Justice Devil's power. It seems she struck a deal sometime after Mitaka and the War Devil killed the Justice Devil's previous host. But rather than seeking revenge against the girl, the Justice Devil and Yuko are determined to exact revenge for all the bullying Mitaka has endured. This promise ends Chainsaw Man's new. Chapter, so there is no telling what Yuko has planned for school when she returns.

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It seems likely Yuko wants to commit a massacre, and the girl's sense of justice has only been amplified thanks to her devil. The Justice Devil has given the girl a taste for blood, and well – Chainsaw Man fans know where that road leads. Things are about to get really bloody in part two, and there is no way Mitaka will be able to watch Yuko's massacre without wanting to interfere.

What do you think about this devil's surprise appearance? Did you see this Chainsaw Man twist coming? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.