Chainsaw Man Creator Discusses Plans for Part 2

Chainsaw Man's creator has opened up about his plans for Part 2 of the series! One of the biggest [...]

Chainsaw Man's creator has opened up about his plans for Part 2 of the series! One of the biggest surprises of the last month was that Tatsuki Fujimoto would be bringing Chainsaw Man's run to an end. While this turned out to be the case, it instead was revealed that the series would not be ending but continuing with a new part. Because while the manga has been brought to an end in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, the series will instead be continuing in the Jump+ magazine at a later date. But what can we expect with this next part?

During a special presentation for the series during Jump Festa Online 2021 (h/t Anime News Network), series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed that the current plans for Part 2 of the series will see Denji attending school. While there aren't many details as to what this new arc of the series will be involving, it is currently known as the "School Arc."

Part 2 of the series involving Denji going to school is definitely capitalizing on the cliffhanger from the first part's finale. Dubbing the first part as the "Public Safety arc" upon its conclusion, it teased that Denji would be attending school as various people began to remark how Chainsaw Man is currently living life as a high schooler while fighting devils on the side.

There are currently no details as to when the second part of Chainsaw Man will be releasing, unfortunately, but now this tease is definitely making that much more exciting as it takes Denji into a whole new kind of life. The final moments of the first part brought him to a more emotionally stable place than when we first met him, so it's going to be quite compelling how this new Denji takes on the regularities of school life.

But with a series like Chainsaw Man, there's a good chance that this seemingly subdued new school setting will just be the launching point for all sorts of unexpected new fights and adventures. Not to mention there's an anime adaptation on the way too! But what did you think of Chainsaw Man's first part?

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