Chainsaw Man Cliffhanger Teases Denji's New Life

Chainsaw Man's newest cliffhanger is teasing Denji's new life. It was announced earlier this month [...]

Chainsaw Man's newest cliffhanger is teasing Denji's new life. It was announced earlier this month that series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto would be bringing Chainsaw Man to an end, but the newest issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed that this was actually a fake-out. Because rather than the series coming to a complete end, it was confirmed that Chainsaw Man instead will be ending its first part. With a second part releasing in an entirely new magazine (which has unfortunately yet to be confirmed for an English release as of this writing), now Denji's future is looking bright.

Chapter 97 of the series officially brings Chainsaw Man Part 1 to an end (which was officially dubbed as the "Public Safety Arc"), and while it does tease some of what's to come in the future it also allows Denji to reach a point of much needed emotional closure. Finally getting to close that part of his life, Denji's heading into the future as a much stronger and more confident Chainsaw Man.

The previous chapter of the series ended on a major cliffhanger that saw Denji hope to defeat Makima by chopping up her body and eating her. It's revealed in Chapter 97 that this was indeed a successful way to defeat her, and somehow it was effective due to how much love he performed the act with. But in the days since, he's become the owner of tons of dogs and cats just like he always dreamed of.

But while Makima is dead, the Control Devil has instead revived inside of a little girl. Fearing how the government could turn this girl into another Makima, this girl is instead left in Denji's care. One night he dreams of Pochita, who then confesses to him that all he wanted was to be hugged and wants Denji to treat this little girl with the same love.

With this emotional resolution, Denji is now living his life as a high schooler as Part 1 of the series comes to an end. Chainsaw Man has indeed become the hero he's always wanted to be as he continues to fight devils into the future. But what did you think of this ending?

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