Chainsaw Man Releases New Trailer: Watch

Chainsaw Man is revving up ahead of its big comeback! If you did not know, the series is set to restart its manga, and that isn't even to mention the anime on the horizon. Now, a new trailer for Chainsaw Man has been released, and it shows off Denji's gruesome strength in the best way.

For those unfamiliar with the project, Chainsaw Man is slated to begin airing this October as part of the fall season. MAPPA Studio is taking care of the show's production. Of course, that means Chainsaw Man is going to look gorgeous, and this new trailer proves the hunch is true. We have also learned the main cast that will bring the series' stars to life. You can read up on the newly released list below:

  • Denji: Kikunosuke Toya
  • Makima: Tomori Kusunoki
  • Aki Hayakawa: Shogo Sakata
  • Power: Fairouz Ai

If you have not ever read up on Chainsaw Man, the series was started under artist Tatsuki Fujimoto once he finished Fire Punch. The manga premiered in Weekly Shonen Jump in December 2018 and finished its first half in 2020. Now, the series is back in action all thanks to Shonen Jump+ and its recent push with all things Chainsaw Man. Fujimoto resumed the manga's serialization on July 13th with an epic chapter, and part two has since commanded global attention with each chapter release to date. 

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Want to know more about Chainsaw Man? You can read up on the series' official synopsis here: "Denji was a small-time devil hunter just trying to survive in a harsh world. After being killed on a job, he is revived by his pet devil-dog Pochita and becomes something new and dangerous-Chainsaw Man!"

What do you think of this new trailer? Are you excited for Chainsaw Man? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.