Chainsaw Man Surprises with SPOILER's Revival

Chainsaw Man sent its fandom into a frenzy when it killed off a beloved character in a previous chapter of the series, but the newest chapter surprised even more when it actually revived this fan favorite character in a pretty unexpected way. The latest string of chapters for the series have been pretty upsetting for Denji (and fans of the series according to some reports) as Makima had manipulated him to unlock a terrifying new version of his Chainsaw Devil form. But as Denji continues to rampage in this form, several formerly dead devils have also returned.

Along with these formerly dead devils returning to the series under Makima's control, one surprising devil also came back to the series thanks to her pre-established power. Because after shocking fans with her sudden death in a previous chapter for terrible reasons, the newest chapter of the series brought her back with a whole new form to boot thanks to a loophole in her abilities. Warning! Major spoilers for Chainsaw Man Chapter 90 below!

Chapter 90 of the series surprises with the returns of both Pochita and Power. Pochita finds Power within this dark space of blood and organs, and Pochita asks her to save Denji. Power realizes she's not dead because Pochita explains that her current form is the blood that she forced Denji to drink from her back when they were first getting to know one another.

Chainsaw Man Spoilers Power Death Alive Return Confirmed
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Because of her blood devil abilities, she's been able to keep herself alive within Denji but she's forced to eat Pochita in order to revive herself into a physical form. She does so with aplomb and soon her devil form emerges from Denji's Chainsaw Man form. She manages to overpower Makima's forces for a short time with this new power, but Makima quickly outsmarts her.

Exploiting Power's fear for her and her previously being one of Makima's pets, Makima gets Power to turn on Denji just as quickly as she came back to life. So while the series has managed to bring her back to the fight, Power is still the wild card that fans can't really predict what she will do in any given situation.


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