Chainsaw Man Puts One Character's Life in the Balance

Chainsaw Man's newest string of chapters have been more brutal then ever, and now one character's life has been put in the balance. That's what it looks like at first anyway. Chainsaw Man has definitely had its fair share of outwardly shocking moments throughout its run thus far as it continues to present a bleak world full of death, and the newest run of chapters have revealed that this was a direct result of Makima's manipulation. Although this was teased as the case throughout the series, it's different to see a full confirmation as we get a new version of Makima.

This includes a Makima who clearly feels as if she's on top of the world now that she completely has Denji under her control, and when her life is put in the balance with Chapter 83 of the series, she not only brushes off a brutal attack like it's nothing but unleashes a far more violent version of Denji out on the world completely under her thumb.

Chapter 83 of the series reveals that the fight has been, quite literally, brought to Makima's doorstep. As we had seen from the last few chapters through her interactions with Denji, Makima has been manipulating him from the very beginning for the explicit purpose of breaking Denji's spirit as much as possible. This meant that she even planned out the deaths of Denji's close friends.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

This breaking of Denji comes to a head when we see Makima unleash him on the world. When she's taken on by the Anti-Makima squad, they rush into her home and shoot her in the face multiple times and even summon a Hell Devil in the attempt to put her down. But while her life seems like it was in the "balance," it was all just her playing around so she could call out for Denji to "save" her.

Here we see the full results of Makima's harsh experiment as Denji unlocked a far more brutal version of his Chainsaw Devil transformation and now will most likely be a new weapon to cause even more violence. What did you think of this attack on Makima? What do you think her next move will be now that she has Denji under her control? Do you think there's a way Denji can break out of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!