Chainsaw Man Reveals Denji's Mind Blowing True Power

Chainsaw Man has become more brutal and violent with each new chapter of the series, and the newest chapter revealed that Denji's true power as Chainsaw Man directly ties into this violence. The series has been nothing but violence and despair, but Denji had surprisingly kept his head held high thanks to the goal of pleasing Makima and the support of new friends and allies. But Makima proved that this was a tenuous support at best as she utterly destroyed Denji over the course of just a few chapters with some notable character deaths.

This was all in service of unlocking Denji's true Chainsaw Man form, and Makima explains why she did so in the newest chapter of the series. As it turns out, she wanted to craft him as the "Hero of Hell" as the Devil other Devils fear most. Because his power? To erase Devils from existence.

Chapter 84 of the series sees Makima explain that the true essence of Chainsaw Man is pure violence as it continues to tear through Devils that both call out for help and are its targets. It's become one of the most feared Devils in Hell because of its true power. Every Devil that Chainsaw Man eats has its name erased from existence. It sounds wild, but Makima explains that it's a power that impacts the past, present, and future all at the same time.

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(Photo: Shueisha)

It's a power that erases the entire existence, even from people's memories, and Makima reveals that even with her ability she's not completely safe from this power. Makima reveals that Chainsaw Man ate Devils for the Nazis, World War II, SOA, Aids, Arnolone Syndrome, nuclear weapons and more and that's why they no longer exist in the reality of the Chainsaw Man world. Thus Makima's real plan is to recreate the world by erasing more of these terrible things from existence.

Chainsaw Man thus far has dabbled with all sorts of intense imagery and philosophical questions over the course of its run thus far, but the series is truly reaching an apex with Denji now in the midst of this violent new form. But what do you think about all of it? Will Denji be able to free himself from Makima's grasp? What will Makima's ultimate end goal be for this kind of wild power? Where can the series even go from here? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!