Chainsaw Man Debuts its Strangest Chapter Yet

Tatsuki Fujimoto's Chainsaw Man is a series that somehow continues to throw fans for a loop with each new chapter of the manga, but the newest chapter happens to be one of the strangest yet. To better elaborate on just how strange the newest chapter is, it's best to get a refresh on how much has actually happened within the last few chapters or so. To summon Chainsaw Man's final and violent form out of Denji, Makima started to destroy Denji from the inside out by ruining his life and killing those special around him.

Orchestrating their deaths, Makima hammered all of this home and mentally broke Denji. In this fugue state, Denji unlocked the most brutal side of his Chainsaw Devil transformation yet in order to use its ability to devour other devils and erase them from existence. But now that Chainsaw Man has been let loose on the world, things are certainly getting off to quite the strange start.

Chapter 85 of the series begins with Denji's Chainsaw Man completely cutting Makima to pieces and killing her instantly. Now with all worldly attachments to him gone, this hyper violent Chainsaw Man is running around without a leash. But oddly, he first heads to a nearby family burger restaurant. It's revealed that Kobeni (the truly unlucky character in the series) actually started working there, but she's being treated horribly.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 85 Strangest Yet Spoilers Manga
(Photo: Shueisha)

The staff at the restaurant are very meticulous in smaller details, but when the boss is chewing out Kobeni Chainsaw Man arrives. Part of Denji still resides within the Devil, and it drove him to want a cheeseburger. So Chainsaw Man's full form sits down and tries to order a meal. Killing the staff with each mistake, Kobeni actually makes things worse by tripping and dropping plates of food on Chainsaw Man.


All this time, the staff at the restaurant continues to try and continue the whole restaurant experience during the ordeal, but each time they are murdered. It's just a strange set up that only continues to get odder as Denji is seemingly fighting against the will of this devil. But what do you think?

Where does this chapter rank on your list of strangest chapters of Chainsaw Man yet? Do you think Denji wanting a cheeseburger is him trying to fight this transformation? Where do you think the series is going will all of this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!