Chainsaw Man Shares the Awful Reason for Two Major Deaths

Chainsaw Man has turned into something no one saw coming. The series began as a one-note story focused on all things violence, but that dark tone has shifted dramatically as of late. Thanks to Makima, the manga has become a psychological horror of the worst kind, and the most recent chapter informed readers why two very popular characters were ultimately snuffed.

The terrifying confession was given in chapter 82. Chainsaw Man provided fans with an update that followed the shocking murder of Power. The girl was blown to bits by Makima after she visited Denji at home unannounced. When the shocked boy asked if he was dreaming, Makima began to laugh hysterically, and she revealed she orchestrated Aki's death as well as this one to destroy Denji.

"How could I make you so hurt that you'd no longer be capable of living a normal life? So damaged that you'd never be able to bounce back for as long as you live," the girl asked aloud.

(Photo: Kodansha)

Makima went on to say she decided the best way to ruin Denji was by making him happy at first. She introduced him to friends like Aki and Power with the sole intent of ripping them away in the end.

"I'd make that level of happiness your new normal and then destroy the whole thing. Any happiness or normality you experience from this point on? I'll be the one to create it and destroy it all."

As you can see, Makima has graduated to another level of lunacy thanks to this revelation. Aki's death was a difficult one to process, but Chainsaw Man fans weren't suspicious of Makima given how the man died to save her. Denji was ultimately forced to kill Aki after his corpse was turned into a fiend, and that encounter scarred him heavily. Now, the protagonist has to live with the image of Power's body in his head, and fans are not sure Denji will ever recover from the situation Makima has put him in.

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