Chainsaw Man Introduces the War Devil's New Friend

Chainsaw Man is now working its way through Part 2 of the manga series, and the newest chapter of the series has introduced Asa Mitaka to a mysterious new friend! After taking a break following the first part of the series, Tatsuki Fujimoto has finally returned this Summer with Part 2 of the series. The first few chapters of this new stage of the manga have been released and introduced fans to a new main character, Asa Mitaka, taking the center stage this time around. As she finds out more about her school life and the devils in it, fans are learning more about her.

It's been a rough time for Asa ever since Chainsaw Man kicked off Part 2 as she went from an everyday school girl to being completely thrown into the deep end and bonded with the War Devil. Now she needs to balance this new life as the War Devil's host body while trying to go back to school and pretending everything is fine, but the newest chapter of the series might have helped ease this along by introducing her to a new friend named Yuko. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 100 of Chainsaw Man picks up shortly after Asa, Hirofumi Yoshida, and a third student form their team to search the school for a new devil hunting exercise. It's here that the third student introduces herself as Yuko, and she reveals she's been "super into" Chainsaw Man lately. It's here that Yuko tries to get closer to Asa when she notices that the other girls from her class treat her like dirt (given Asa's accidental role in killing the class' devil pet, Bucky the Chicken Devil), and then finds out that they have been putting raw meat on Asa's shoes. 

She then lends Asa her shoes, and the two of them walk home together. Each of them then has a single shoe on when Asa refuses her help (and Yuko refuses to take it back), and by the end of the chapter it's clear that Asa has made a friend. But as fans have seen in this series so far, no character is safe and no character is truly what they say they are on the surface. Now it's just a matter of whether or not Yuko remains a close ally to Asa (and to the War Devil) as the series continues

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