Chainsaw Man Part 2 Introduces One of the Most Unexpected Devils Yet

Chainsaw Man has finally returned for its highly anticipated Part 2 of the series, and the newest chapter of the manga has introduced one of the most unexpected Devils in the series yet! Tatsuki Fujimoto ended the first part of the series a couple of years ago, and now the manga is roaring back with the next major chapter in the story. When we had last seen Denji, he was going to start a whole new life as the Chainsaw Man while fighting demons in public. The first chapter of the new series has taken this to a completely unexpected new level

Rather than go back to following Denji for its return, the first chapter of Part 2 of the series introductions a completely new main character to the series. Along with this new character comes a completely different perspective on the world Denji had seen in the first series, and that comes with a whole new perspective on devils as well. This first chapter of the series introduces fans a completely new and unexpected one, Bucky, the Chicken Devil. And it's a good tease for what we might see throughout the rest of the series. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 98 of Chainsaw Man introduces a school where they are introduced to the their new class pet the Chicken Devil. Their newest assignment is kill and eat this devil in three months so that they can "understand how precious life is." It's not only a devil that can speak, but it also seems to hold no ill will of any sort of its own. It knows it will die, it knows it will die if it's eaten, and it's highly intelligent. It makes a lot of chicken pun jokes, and becomes so beloved by the class it is ultimately spared. It's then accidentally crushed by the new main character, Asa Mitaka

It's a relatively small and odd introduction, but it also seems incredibly important. It's a tease of not only the variety of demons that exist in the series now, but it's also teasing a much different world in the time that had passed since the end of the first part. These demons have evolved in not only their forms, but in how well integrated they are with general society like this classroom. It's not something that's limited to just the small group Makima controlled during the first series. 

But what do you think of the Chicken Devil's debut in Chainsaw Man? Did it seem important to you, or was it just a fun gag? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!