New 'City Hunter' Live-Action Film Reveals First Look

You might have forgotten about City Hunter after its long hiatus, but the series is making a [...]

You might have forgotten about City Hunter after its long hiatus, but the series is making a comeback. Not only is the shonen title returning to anime, but a new live-action project is in the works. So, if you want a first-look at the IRL project, you are in luck.

Recently, a slew of promo images from France's live-action take on City Hunter were shared with the world. However, Ryo Saeba isn't anywhere to be found. This time around, fans are going to meet Nicky Larson instead.

As you can see below, the first poster for Nicky Larson is out, and it nails its City Hunter vibe. For those confused about the title swap, you can blame licensing for the switch. In France, City Hunter was localized as Nicky Larson when it was first licensed, so the live-action film will follow that format. (via Kotaku)

When it comes to crew, the film will be overseen by Philippe Lacheau. He is directing and starring in the live-action adaptation, and the project is being billed as an action-comedy.

Currently, the film is set to debut next spring, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to see France's take on City Hunter. The film will premiere shortly after Japan's revival goes live. Abroad, City Hunter is getting a new anime film under director Kenji Kodama who worked on the original TV series. The film will hit theaters on February 8 with Akira Kamiya playing Saeba and Ikura Kazue as Makimura Kaori.

city hunter nicky larson
(Photo: Yahoo News JP)

For those of you unfamiliar with City Hunter, the shonen title debuted in 1985 under creator Tsukasa Hojo. The series follows Ryo, a private detective who chases girls and works alongside Hideyuki Makimura to rid Tokyo of crime. The pair run a 'City Hunter' business to tackle Tokyo's corrupt elite, but things turn south when Hideyuki is murdered. The boy's sister Kaori joins Ryo at work to catch her brother's murderer, and the pair learn what it means to be partners as they take on various missions.

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