Craig of the Creek Season 5 Premiere Date Confirmed by Max

The end of an era has begun for Craig of the Creek as the premiere date for the upcoming Season 5 of the Cartoon Network animated series has been confirmed by the Max streaming service. Craig of the Creek will be coming to an end with the previously announced Season 5 of the animated series, but unfortunately will be releasing in a much smaller form than originally hoped. With its previous episode order cut in half before Craig of the Creek's Season 5 premiere, fans have been anxious to see this new season in action as Craig and his friends bring their stories to an end. 

While the broadcast premiere for Craig of the Creek Season 5 has been previously listed by Cartoon Network with a special new event planned for the first eight episodes of the new season, Max has now confirmed that they will be streaming Craig of the Creek Season 5A beginning on July 11th according to their listings for upcoming releases on the service for July 2023. It's yet to be announced how many episodes this will include, but it does line up with some of the reported broadcast plans for Craig of the Creek's return. 

(Photo: Cartoon Network)

How to Watch Craig of the Creek Season 5

Listings have been spotted for a special premiere event for Craig of the Creek Season 5 coming on July 10th on Cartoon Network. Reportedly titled "Heart of the Forest," this special event will feature eight episodes. If this ends up being the case, it also lines up with the next-day availability for streaming with Max. That means that fans could be kicking off the highly anticipated Craig of the Creek Season 5 with eight episodes kicking off the final arc for the series overall

If you wanted to catch up with Craig of the Creek before the new episodes hit next month, you can now find all four seasons of Craig of the Creek now streaming with Max. Although this will be the final season, Craig of the Creek will be expanding with a new spin-off series titled Jessica's Big Little World and a new movie set before the events of the main series, Craig of the Creek: The Movie

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