Craig of the Creek: Missy Elliott Responds To New Cartoon Network Role

Craig of the Creek star Missy Elliott is ready for her big episode of the show coming up this week. Cartoon Network released a promo for the show and everyone is excited to see the Hip-Hop legend in a double dutch-themed episode. One of the big viral moments from earlier in Craig of the Creek was the main character's mom dressing up like Elliott on Halloween. Back in those days, it felt like at least once an episode, there was some pop culture reference that had animation circles talking. But, the rapper spoke about her next appearance with Billboard Magazine. Clearly, she's psyched about actually getting to voice a character of her own and add to the Creek's lore. 

"I'm so excited to be part of this Craig of the Creek episode," Elliott said in an email to Billboard. "Voicing the Carla character was perfect for me as I am a huge Double Dutch fan. I hope the fans enjoy the episode!"

How Craig of the Creek Has Grown Over Time actually spoke to Craig of the Creek creators Matt Burnett and Ben Levin. During the conversation, the duo talked about how they managed to keep the scope of the series on ground-level kid concerns. It feels like Craig and his buddies are big dreamers, but that is all anchored in the setting for their day-to-day lives.

"It takes place in a much more grounded world and they can never get too crazy, and there's more rules to reality than there are to something of your own creation, so we've had to play within certain parameters in terms of the stakes," Burnett explained. "The risks that the characters are in, it's never that they're gonna fight a giant monster that's going to eat them, but we still want it to have the feeling of watching an episode with those kinds of stakes, so it's trying to find clever ways to impart that drama through these young kids in a very grounded reality."

"What Matt is saying, as writers, what you look for in a story is conflict, and so the conflict in this show, yeah, can't be monsters," Levin chimed-in. "It's gotta be something else though that the kids care about, so that's one thing that makes it a little different is it's not magical conflicts.

He continued, "I think that when you have a grounded show of kids using the objects around them to make their armor and costumes and fun contraptions, as a kid watching, I think you're really inspired to look at your own world differently, and feel like there's something magical about the real world that you live in, because it is reflected like that in the cartoon."

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