Craig of the Creek Gets Season 5 Renewal, Spin-Off Series and Prequel Movie

It's a big week for Craig of the Creek as the show got renewed for Season 5. But, the good news doesn't stop there. A spin-off series and a prequel movie have also been announced. Fans of the show are already celebrating Craig of the Creek: The Movie. Younger fans will also be delighted to see Jessica's Big Little World also get its moment in the sun. The preschool aged series had been talked about before, but we have clear confirmation from Cartoon Network itself. In the description for Season 5, the channel says that this entry, "delves deeper into the endless world of the Creek as Craig embarks on more journeys with friends new and old, finding adventure, mystery and fun around every bend." So, the movie and the younger-ages series will hit the screen next year. But, fans can go watch Craig and his friends to be back for the latest season this week.

WarnerMedia also dropped some descriptions about both the movie and Jessica's upcoming spinoff.

"Craig of the Creek: The Movie" is an origin story of the Creek's bravest explorer that could only be told through the scope of a movie. Craig Williams is the shy, new kid in town, longing for his old home and life," the press release reads. "Little does he know, he'll soon set off on the biggest adventure he could ever dream of. Treasure maps, pirate ships, and a villain who wants to destroy the Creek are just the beginning in this treasure hunting epic!"

"Seeing how viewers automatically fell in love with Jessica, the littlest member of the Williams family, and her big belief that she can do what everyone else does, developing Jessica's Big Little World was a natural next step in the Craig universe," explained Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, Executive Producers and Co-Creators, Craig of the Creek. "Tiffany has been part of the Craig of the Creek family since the beginning and there isn't a better voice to bring our pint-sized heroine's journey to preschoolers."

"In Craig of the Creek, Matt Burnett, Ben Levin, Tiffany Ford, and the entire crew created a charming, imaginative, and inclusive world that represents the best in kids animation," Sam Register, President, Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. Animation wrote today. "We could not ask for a better foundation as we expand the stories of the Creek into preschool and long-form projects ensuring that Craig of the Creek is well on its way to becoming our studio's next big kids franchise."

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