Creed Is Reportedly Getting an Anime From Amazon, Michael B. Jordan

Following the success of Creed III, it looks like the franchise is ready to expand under the guidance of star Michael B. Jordan. After the latest Creed movie earned well over $100 million globally in its opening, executives are ready to see what else the series can do. Now, a new report suggests the Rocky franchise is already laying plans at Amazon, and one of the projects includes an anime.

The report comes from Deadline as the trade shared Amazon's film and television divines are in talks to expand the Creed movie franchise. Right now, plans are still in their infant stages, but Deadline suggests a Creed anime is being eyed as a potential release. "Details are sketchy because some of the conversations are still in exploratory stages but we hear that an anime series connected to the Rocky spinoff IP is in the works, and there are ideas for a companion live-action TV series," Deadline writes.

According to the report, Amazon has had meetings with Jordan as he's the star of Creed and its most recent director. "The plans for the scope of the universe have gotten bolder in the wake of Creed III's big debut," the trade writes. But as of now, Amazon and Jordan have not commented on this report through their reps.

As you can imagine, the success of Creed III has surely emboldened plans. It seems Creed showtimes are mostly sold out, and its opening weekend outdid box office predictions domestically by more than $15 million USD. Jordan's acting and direction were praised in step with other actors like Jonathan Majors. And of course, the press tour for Creed III was filled with anime questions.

During the Creed movie's run-up, all eyes were on Jordan as the actor spoke at length about how anime laid a foundation for his vision. From Dragon Ball Z to Naruto Shippuden and Hajime no Ippo, some of shonen's top series helped Jordan ground his plan for Creed III. Now, it sounds like the actor might get the opportunity to give Creed its own anime, and there are honestly few better suited in Hollywood to tackle such a project. 

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