AT&T Offers Crunchyroll Sale to Various Buyers for $1 Billion

Crunchyroll has established itself over the years as one of the premiere locations when it comes [...]

Crunchyroll has established itself over the years as one of the premiere locations when it comes to streaming anime series, both new and old, with the likes of Funimation, Netflix, and other big channels attempting to follow suit by housing original and old series alike and it seems as if the company, AT&T, that owns it is looking to sell it for around one billion dollars! Though a deal was initially in place for Sony, creators of the Playstation and various popular films, to buy the streaming service for around $1.5 billion USD, the deal fell through.

Crunchyroll was originally founded in 2006, growing astronomically in popularity over the years and currently having over 70 million users that watch anime through the streaming service on a regular basis. Currently, Crunchyroll is partnering with the streaming service of HBO Max under AT&T/Warner Bros' umbrella, offering a number of its series to the channel in a bid to make it a player among the movers and shakers such as Netflix and Hulu. If Crunchyroll had been bought by Sony, it would have been owned by the same folks that currently own Funimation, which is a competitor to Crunchyroll with a streaming service of its own that houses the likes of Dragon Ball Super, One Piece, and more!

Variety reported that AT&T is offering the site of Crunchyroll for around $1 Billion USD, following the falling through of the deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment, looking to hand off the streaming service that has become one of the biggest in the world when it comes to anime series across the board!

Crunchyroll has made the news recently not just for giving fans the opportunity to dive into classic anime series, but also new anime that has been produced by the streaming service. With Crunchyroll Originals such as the Tower of God and The God Of High School becoming some of the biggest series in the anime world today, the streaming service is looking to create new series down the line and continue to work its way to becoming the champion of anime streaming!

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Via Variety