Crunchyroll Is Temporarily Down and Netizens Are Pleading for Its Return

It seems like Crunchyroll is down, and the Internet is letting its dismay about the issue well known. If you try to access Crunchyroll in the United States right now, there is a good chance you will get a 503 error. With the site's service temporarily down, fans are taking to social media to ask for assistance, and they're hoping Crunchyroll gets back online ASAP.

According to Down Detector, there are problems occurring at Crunchyroll, but the extent of them cannot be known. The first issues began spiking around 2:21 pm CST and have since rocketed after 4:00 pm CST. There are more than 3,000 registered problematic hits at this time, but there is no doubt Crunchyroll will get the issue sorted out shortly.

At this time, no statement has been made about the outage, so fans are expecting it to be a minor one. This issue comes days after fans were sent to Crunchyroll after a notorious pirate site for anime was taken down. The loss of Kissanime left some fans disheartened, but many were directed to Crunchyroll in its stead. The site has become a go-to destination for anime streaming that's both legal and affordable. So we hope this outage doesn't last long. After all, fans are already desperate to watch more anime, and you can find some of their reactions below:


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