Deadpool Manga to Get Official English Release

Chimichanga enthusiasts can rejoice once again as the manga story for everyone's favorite Merc [...]

Chimichanga enthusiasts can rejoice once again as the manga story for everyone's favorite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool, will finally be getting an English translation in Spring 2022. The series, which is continuing to tell the story of Wade Wilson as he battles against some of the biggest villains in the Marvel Universe and finds himself battling alongside some surprising allies in the process, one of which just so happens to be My Hero Academia's All Might, this series makes for Marvel's first official foray into the world of manga and has been a hit with fans in both the East and the West.

Deadpool Samurai first debuted in December of last year, acting as a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Weekly Shonen Jump, telling a fourth-wall-breaking story that sees Wade fighting against Thanos and several other big Marvel villains. All Might appearing in the story to lend a helping hand against the Mad Titan was a surprise to most readers, though Kohei Horikoshi's love of all things Marvel has been apparent for quite some time. With My Hero Academia's Symbol of Peace being the first major Shonen character to cross over into Deadpool's world, fans are waiting to see if any other major players from Weekly Shonen Jump will make an appearance.

Viz Media shared the major news that Deadpool Samurai will be released with an English translation in the spring of next year, marking what is possibly the biggest crossover between the Marvel Universe and the world of Shonen Jump in the history of either company:

While this series has crossed the world of North American comics with the world of Japan's anime, this isn't the first time that we've seen the world of Marvel take a step into a bizarre anime crossover before. In a single issue that saw Marvel Comics cross over with Kodansha Publishing, both the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy found themselves facing down the monstrous behemoths of Attack On Titan in a short story that unfortunately never continued.

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