Demon Slayer Cosplay Perfectly Captures Tengen Uzui

Demon Slayer has some of the most recognizable characters in anime these days, and that is thanks [...]

Demon Slayer has some of the most recognizable characters in anime these days, and that is thanks to its insane popularity. Despite its short tenure, the series is one of the top-selling in Japan, and it has even given One Piece a run for its money on occasion. With this said, it is no surprise Tanjiro has an army of fans, and one of them just honored a Hashira with the best cosplay ever.

The piece comes from Instagram courtesy of Taryn_Cosplay. The fan has done a slew of looks during his time was a cosplayer, and each one only gets better. That is why the fandom began buzzing this week when Taryn tackled Demon Slayer, and he did so by honoring Tengen Uzui.

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"Let me introduce you the "God who rules over flamboyance.." Weekend SURPRISE for you today," the fan wrote about their Demon Slayer cosplay. "I worked really hard in the latest days to create from scratch my new Demon slayer cosplay, The sound Hashira of the nine Pillars, Best Boy Tengen. I'm currently reading the manga, right after Mugen train ark and I already Love so much this character."

As you can see above, this Demon Slayer cosplay is basically a work of art. Taryn has perfectly recreated the hero in real life, and he did so with a DIY cosplay ensemble. From the Hashira's swords to his head scarf and jewelry, not one piece of this cosplay is off. It is hard to imagine a better done Tengen being done, but when it comes to cosplay, anything is possible with enough skill and work.

Clearly, Taryn is on another level when it comes to cosplaying, and they have done dozens of looks to date. You can check out their geek-approved cosplays over on Instagram here.

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