Demon Slayer Poll Says 90% of Japanese Public Knows the Series

When it comes to Demon Slayer, you cannot take the chance of underestimating its popularity. From [...]

When it comes to Demon Slayer, you cannot take the chance of underestimating its popularity. From school kids to retirees, it seems this historical fantasy has become a hit with fans of every age. And thanks to a brand-new report, it turns out a whopping 90% of the public in Japan knows about Demon Slayer if they're not outright fans already.

The figure comes from a recent report by Oricon Monitor Research. The firm is known for gauging trends in entertainment, and its recent Internet poll found that more than 90% of participants said they were familiar with the series. And of that number, over 40% said they were "very familiar" with the series.

(Photo: Ufotable)

Of course, that means there are those who took part in the poll who were not very familiar. About 57% of those who answered said they were at least familiar with the series' name, so nearly 98% of those who were polled knew of the series. Talk about a popularity boost for Tanjiro, huh?

The poll went on to ask those who were fans to note their favorite part of Demon Slayer. The story received the most votes in this category, but others said the setting is what hooked them in. Other said the characters' reliability was what made them interested, and of those who answered, 31% said they owned the manga for Demon Slayer. Another +60% said they owned every single volume of the manga, so you can see why the series is breaking sales records left and right.

Oricon Monitor Research even went so far as to collect statements from fans who were willing to talk about the series' impact on them. One woman wrote, "I would never have thought that at my age I would have a conversation about anime with my mother, who is in her sixties." A mom also commented by saying Demon Slayer is the first anime her entire family watched in a theater together while an older father said he enjoys watching the series because his son is very invested in it. Clearly, Demon Slayer has become a family bond for some fans, so it is hard envisioning this series going away anytime soon.

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