Demon Slayer Cosplay Gets Into The Holiday Spirit With Nezuko

Nezuko is a unique character in Demon Slayer, not because she doesn't wield a sword like her brother Tanjiro and his friends, Inosuke and Zenitsu, but because she struggles with the demonic influence that has taken hold of her body. Though the character has yet to play a major role in the Entertainment District Arc, fans still love the sister of Tanjiro, with one specifically giving the Demon Slayer character some holiday cosplay.    

While the main story of the anime isn't focused on the holidays, a special post-credit scene was played during the latest episode that sees Zenitsu attempting to have a holiday party where he can get some alone time with the love of his life, Nezuko. Taking them out of their demon-slaying world, this new story sees the members of the Corps hilariously showing up on Zenitsu's door, ruining his plans. The most humorous part of the side adventure comes in the form of Inosuke, as he demands that Zenitsu explains to him what Christmas is as he stands ready to fight to learn said information.

Instagram Cosplayer Taliverse shared this new take on Nezuko, getting into the holiday spirit as the young girl attempts to keep her demonic nature at bay by saving humans rather than eating them like her fellow demons that are currently at the beck and call of their leader, Muzan:

While Nezuko might have yet to play a big role in the Entertainment District Arc, she definitely will have a part to play in this hilarious arc that also has some serious demons waiting in the wings. With Demon Slayer remaining one of the biggest Shonen series released in recent years, it will be interesting to see how many additional series, and/or movies, are released to cover the stories remain with the manga already coming to a close. While the members of the Demon Slayer Corps are getting stronger, Nezuko is doing the same by learning more of the abilities at her disposal thanks to her demon side.

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