Demon Slayer Unlocks One of Nezuko's Most Emotional Flashback

Nezuko might spend a good majority of the Entertainment District Arc sleeping within her trademark basket, but she made up for lost time with her latest battle against the villainous Daki, unleashing her full power as a demon. With her newfound abilities so to comes a major drawback as Tanjiro's sister has quite a difficult time holding back her need to eat human flesh, which leads to what very well might be one of the most emotional beats of the series to date. 

In accessing the true power she has a demon, Nezuko is able to grow in size and age up quite a bit in her battle against Daki. Luckily for Tanjiro, the member of the Demon Slayer Corps is able to break through her new rough exterior, calling upon the lullaby that their mother would sing to them in order to put them to sleep. Holding Nezuko at bay by placing the sheath of his sword between her fangs, Tanjiro's sister can't hold back her tears as she remembers a time long before she had become a demon herself thanks to the attack on her family from the demon lord Muzan.

Twitter User Ovo Sailing Souls shared the new clip from Demon Slayer's latest episode, that sees Nezuko not only recalling a time earlier in her life before she became a demon, but also transforming into her younger form as a result of being calmed down by her brother Tanjiro:

Though Nezuko's destructive streak has been paused, the danger to Tanjiro, Tengen Uzui, and the other young members of the Demon Slayer Corps is far from over. With the Sound Hashira managing to decapitate Daki, the top-tier demon revealed that she had quite the connection with her brother, Gyutaro. With the creepy anemic demon revealing that he shares a body with his sister, Gyutaro has proven to be far more powerful than Daki, already causing quite a few problems for Tengen Uzui. 

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