Demon Slayer Leaves Rengoku on a Deadly Cliffhanger

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has left Kyojuro Rengoku on quite the deadly cliffhanger with its newest episode! The second season of the series has neared the end of the Mugen Train arc previously explored during the events of the Mugen Train feature film. And just like the film, fans watching through the second season had been anxiously awaiting for the arc's biggest emotional hit. As the previous episodes have seen Tanjiro and the others fighting against the titular Mugen Train, the newest episode introduced a whole new challenger and new fight for Rengoku the Flame Hashira. 

Fans seeing his fate in the feature film had been dreading to see when the anime would reach this point, and unfortunately the newest episode of the season indeed does. While it does have the massive fight between the Upper Rank Akaza against Rengoku where fans can see just how powerful both of these fighters truly are, the final moments of the newest episode of the series also has one brutal cliffhanger that leaves Rengoku beaten, bloodied, and on the verge of death fans had not wanted to see a second time. 

(Photo: ufotable)

Episode 6 of the series, "Akaza" delivers on what the title promises as it picks up right after the previous episode came to an end. It's revealed that Tanjiro and Inosuke's teamwork was indeed enough to defeat Enmu, and the Mugen Train itself crashed off of the tracks. Tanjiro and the others managed to make it out okay, but soon the next major threat crashes down when the Upper Rank demon Akaza suddenly appears and challenges Rengoku. Spotting him as a worthy opponent, the two begin a speedy clash. 

Akaza's speedy moves and even speedier recovery gives Rengoku a very tough time, and he also has to worry about protecting Tanjiro and the others as well. This juggling against the demon eventually overcomes Rengoku's abilities, and he's dealt a fatal blow. Bloodied and beaten as the episode comes to an end, fans who have previously seen the Mugen Train film unfortunately knows what's to come for the fan favorite fighter after such a heartbreaking cliffhanger. 

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