Demon Slayer Season Two to Take a Short Hiatus

After a long wait, Demon Slayer made its big return to television this month with season two, and all eyes are on the ambitious anime. After all, there are few series that can compare to the show's success, so it isn't overexaggerating to say millions are watching the show. This means the pressure is on, but even the most popular series need to take breaks. And now, fans have learned Demon Slayer is taking a super-short hiatus amidst its redo of the Mugen Train arc. 

Currently, the anime series is once again telling the story of Tanjiro, Nezuko, Inosuke, and Zenitsu boarding a mysterious train whose passengers are disappearing at an alarming rate. With the Shonen protagonist Tanjiro attempting to learn more about the fire breathing technique which he might have inherited from his father, the first stop for these young members of the Demon Slayer Corps is Rengoku, the member of the Hashira who specializes in wielding power over the flame within him. While the second season is currently retelling the tale of the Mugen Train, it will dive into new territory with the Entertainment District Arc that will land this December. 

The Official Twitter Account for Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba shared the news that the fourth episode of season two will be delayed from its original air date of October 31st to November 7th, thanks in part to a Special Election taking place in Japan:

Demon Slayer's popularity has been a sight to behold these past few years, with the meteoric rise of the Shonen franchise netting it billions of dollars for the year 2020 alone. Though the story within the pages of the manga has already come to a close, we wouldn't be surprised if one day Koyoharu Gotouge, the creator of the franchise, announced that the universe would return with either a sequel or spin-off series. Following the end of the manga, fans are left wondering how many more seasons and/or movies the series will create in its future, but rest assured, there will be plenty of fans itching to see them.

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