Devil May Cry Was Influenced by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The creator of Devil May Cry, Hideki Kamiya, reveals that Dante was forged thanks to the Joestars.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has only been growing bigger since the manga debuted in the 1980s. With creator Hirohiko Araki stating in the past that he would love nothing more than to work on the story of the Joestars for the rest of his life, it would seem that the world of Stands has influenced some major properties. In an unearthed interview with video game creator Hideki Kamiya, it is revealed that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure had a major influence on the world of Capcom's Devil May Cry

The Devil May Cry series has become a major franchise under Capcom's belt, with the video game producers already known for such movers and shakers as Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Monster Hunter, and many other well-known franchises. The original Devil May Cry premiered on the PlayStation 2 in 2001, introducing us to the devil hunter Dante whose background made him the perfect brawler to take on some supernatural hordes. Since the initial release, the gaming franchise has continued with five main titles and has seen Dante, Virgil, Nero, and more from the series appear in other games across the spectrum. While a Devil May Cry 6 has yet to be confirmed, it's a surefire bet we'll see Dante continue to make appearances in the future.

JoJo May Cry

In a recently unearthed Electronic Gaming Monthly article, Hideki Kamiya confirmed that the stylish nature of the Devil May Cry series gained its way thanks to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure and a few other unexpected sources, "There are a lot of different kinds of media that influenced this creation. As for the main character Dante, I was strongly influenced by a Japanese comic-book character named Cobra, Cobra is a character who has no fear and talks with lots of irony and provoking looks, even as he faces immense trouble. I always loved this character and his comic. I also referred to a character in another Japanese comic, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. His name is Joseph Joestar and he's the main hero of this comic's second chapter."

Joseph Joestar first appeared in Battle Tendency, facing down vampires led by the villain Kars. Following Battle Tendency's conclusion, Joseph would return in both Stardust Crusaders and Diamond Is Unbreakable, and has proved to be one of the most beloved characters to spring from the mind of creator Hirohiko Araki.

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