Digimon Adventure Hypes Comeback with Episode 4 Promo

Digimon Adventure has been off the air for nearly two months at this point, but the show will be [...]

Digimon Adventure has been off the air for nearly two months at this point, but the show will be back soon. In the last few weeks, the series reboot has returned to television for reruns, and a brand-new episode is set to debut at the end of this month. That is why a new promo has been posted hyping the comeback, and it gives fans a brief look at episode four.

You can check out the clip above as it delves into the fourth episode of Digimon Adventure. The show will release "Birdramon Soars" on June 28 as the episode promises to explore the new Digital World introduced in the reboot.

The specific tease for episode four is contained at the start of the promo as fans can see Taichi gear up for battle. He is joined by Agumon who fights by his side, and Birdramon shows up before long. The pink Digimon appears to be injured, but they are not left alone. After all, Sora appears in the teaser, and the girl is seen carrying Birdramon as Taichi and she runs away from whatever beast is after them.

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

This new episode will help expand the Digital World with even more DigiDestined and more is on the way. So far, the reboot has introduced fans to guys like Taichi and Matt, but there are plenty of other kids destined to join the group. Sora is one of them, and the rest of the gang will step into the picture once Digimon Adventure gets back on its feet this summer.

If you want to check out the anime's existing episodes, they can be found on Crunchyroll. At this time, there is no word on whether an English dub will be done for this reboot, but fans of the anime are keeping their fingers crossed!

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