Digimon Adventure Promo Makes Big Change to Some Famous Evolutions

Digimon Adventure's big reboot anime will soon be coming to TV screens with brand new episodes [...]

Digimon Adventure's big reboot anime will soon be coming to TV screens with brand new episodes following its COVID-19 hiatus, and it recently shared a promo that teased some major changes to the evolutions we had come to know from the original series. Now that Digimon Adventure has begun re-airing in Japan from the very first episode, it will only be a couple of weeks before we see new episodes again. Toei Animation launched a special promo highlighting what's to come in these new episodes, and there's one notable change to the Mega level evolutions.

At one point in the promo for the new episodes, fans can see the new versions of Tai and Sora stumbling on an ancient statue and seeing a vision of a future battle (or potentially an ancient one) featuring the Mega Evolutions of each of the DigiDestined's Digimon. This is notable for a few reasons, but one peculiar bit for WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon sticks out.

If we look at the size of each of these Mega Evolutions, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon appear much larger than we have seen of them in the past. They used to be far more close to human sizes (especially WarGreymon) but like the rest of the new Digimon here, it seems they will be getting a size boost to go along with the general power boost of the reboot series.

Digimon Adventure Promo Mega Evolution Changes Tease
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that the Mega Evolutions for the other DigiDestined's Digimon are here at all. In the original series, Tai and Matt were the only ones who were able to unlock their full evolution lines but in the years since (and Digimon Adventure tri.) the other members of the group unlock their full lines as well. This is one of the benefits Digimon Adventure 2020 gets from being a reboot. Not only does it get to pull any ideas it chooses to from the original series, but it also gets to incorporate all sorts of new elements that have been introduced to the franchise in the years since.

But what do you think of these changes to the original series? Are you looking forward to Digimon Adventure's new episodes? Are you looking forward to see what other changes will be made in the new series? Excited to see the rest of the Megas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!