Digimon Adventure Promo Teases New Evolution Sequence

The rebooted anime series of Digimon Adventure, which retells the story of the 'Digi-Destined' [...]

The rebooted anime series of Digimon Adventure, which retells the story of the "Digi-Destined" kids and their respective digital monsters, hit a big snag when it was delayed early in its run as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but the series is looking to make a big return with a promo video that shows off that there are some evolutions in the works! With the new anime making a number of changes to the story of the Digimon protagonists, it seems as if the series will hold to the tried and true tradition of digital monster evolutions!

While the first episodes of the Digimon Adventure reboot showed us a virtual world that was closer to that which was displayed in the likes of the video game franchise, Digimon Cyber Sleuth, this latest video promo shows us that the environment is starting to look far more familiar to the original locales of the series. While Tai and the other children that have found themselves locked in the digital world look amazingly close to their original interpretations, it's clear that not everything is going to go down the same way as it had in the first anime series.

Digimon Digital Monsters Anime Promo Evolution
(Photo: Toei Animation )

A big part of the Digimon franchise, much like its "cousin" Pokemon, is that the monsters have the ability to evolve into much stronger forms. Usually taking place after a digital monster goes through enough battles and gains enough experience, the levels will go from "rookie" to "Champion" to "Ultimate" to "Mega" with each plateau giving the Digimon new levels of power. While fans of the original series have a good idea of where monsters like Agumon and Gatomon are going when it comes to their strength level, it will certainly be interesting to see what changes are made to the story overall and any of the characters involved!

Aside from the shadowy evolved forms of the Digimon that we see in the promo, the video also gives us an idea of where the adventures of the Digi-destined are taking them as the series finally returns following the delay caused by COVID-19. With the Digimon franchise continuing with new series, games, and merchandise, it's clear there's plenty of "gas left in the tank" for the long running anime.

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