Digimon Adventure Teases Agumon's Mega Evolution in Stunning Scene

Digimon Adventure's newest episode capped off with the tease of Agumon's Mega evolution with a stunning scene. The newest episode of the series featured the climax of the fight against Devimon as Tai, Yamato, and Takeru tried everything they had to survive against the dark Digimon's power. After Devimon had evolved into its UItimate level in the previous episode, things got even worse when the newest episode of the series brought Devimon to its Mega evolution. This brand new Mega evolution, DoneDevimon, pushed Tai and Agumon to a literal new level as they broke beyond their limits.

But it was not quite the breakthrough that fans had been hoping for, however, as the fight against DoneDevimon progressed in very much the same way as one of Tai and Agumon's fights in the original series with he and Agumon going berserk. This time, however, there was a tease for Agumon's true Mega evolution making its full debut in the series as it deals the final blow to DoneDevimon.

With DoneDevimon making its debut in the newest episode of the series, the dark Mega evolution (inspired by comic characters like Venom and Spawn) infected Tai and MetalGreymon with miasma. This miasma infected the two of them, and they gave into their rage so much that MetalGreymon unlocked a dark version of its Mega evolution. Although this enraged form was powerful, it was not enough to defeat DoneDevimon.

That's when Tokomon and Takeru channeled their holy Digimon power, and Angemon appeared in the enraged Agumon's mind. Helping him to calm down, Agumon managed to break free from its dark evolution and began to shine with a golden new form. Fans of the classic series will recognize this form as Agumon's true Mega evolution, WarGreymon, but it has yet to make its official debut in the new series as this evolution is not stable enough to have a concrete form just yet.

It currently only stands as a blast of energy, but now the door has opened to Tai (and potentially the other DigiDestined) unlocking each of their Mega evolutions through the series' next big arc. What did you think of this WarGreymon tease? Excited to see more Mega evolution battles in the new Digimon Adventure? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!