Digimon Adventure Preview Teases Ultimate Digimon Attack

Digimon Adventure's reboot has been putting the new DigiDestined up against some terrible challenges over the course of the episodes thus far, and while the first two episodes of the series already had Tai and Matt face a Mega level Digimon, the preview for the next episode teases an Ultimate level threat. As we have seen in the last few episodes of the series, these new takes on the classic DigiDestined are far stronger than they were in the original series from over 20 years ago. Now that the Champion level Digimon are stronger, it seems they are already ready to go up against the next level as a new enemy attacks in Episode 9.

After battling through the fortress in the newest episode of the series, Greymon seems to be occupied by the returning Ogremon -- who has also returned with a brand new enforcer. Teasing an attack from the "strongest" Digimon yet, the preview sees a sea of flame as a version of Tyrannomon makes its way towards Izzy. Is this a sign that we will see an Ultimate evolution much sooner than expected? Either way, the DigiDestined will need to work hard to defeat this one! Check out the preview below thanks to @Wikimon_news on Twitter:

Episode 9 of the series is described as such (as detailed by @Wikimon_news) "Having entered the enemy's fortress, [Tai] and co. obtain information about a Holy Digimon being held captive there. However, Ogremon, who lost in battle against Greymon the last time, becomes wild for revenge and attacks them, and then challenges Greymon to a match. A violent battle between Greymon and Orgemon begins on the grounds of the fortress. The battle becomes extremely intense, with neither of them backing down. Then, a unit of Coredramon controlled by Soundbirdmon launch an aerial attack. Sora and the others try to evade the attack somehow, but there is nowhere to escape within the fortress, and they fall into a crisis"

Are you excited to see Digimon Adventure's next episode? What have you thought about the reboot series so far? Curious to see whether one of the Digimon will evolve into their Ultimate form already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!