Digimon Adventure Nods to the Original Series with a Monstrous Throwback

Digimon Adventure may have been rebooted with a new 2020 series, but that does not mean the [...]

Digimon Adventure may have been rebooted with a new 2020 series, but that does not mean the updated anime has forgotten its roots. The latest anime has been very faithful to the feel of its predecessor dating back to the '90s. Of course, some things had to be modernized, but a new episode of Digimon Adventure showed its roots with a special throwback.

The moment took place in the most recent episode of Digimon Adventure's reboot. After being on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show returned to the air after a couple of months out. This new episode followed Taichi and his current friends as they entered the Digital World for the first time.

In this reboot, the Digital World has gotten a big overhaul, and it looks crisper than ever before. Taichi and his friends were excited to explore the new world around them. Luckily, Taichi and Sora are able to handle themselves, but a little throwback got fans hyped when an insect monster came after them out of nowhere.

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If that sounds familiar, it should! Back in the day, the original Digimon Adventure anime pitted its heroes against an insect monster. While Snimon met the kids this time around, it was Kuwagamon who spooked the gang last time. Taichi and Sora were able to avoid a big battle in this new episode, and fans are glad to know the pair are still bug magnets.

Of course, no one should be surprised by the presence of bugs in the Digital World. After all, any kind of technology has them. You cannot upgrade tech without breaking its bugs first, and that is exactly what Taichi did when he and Sora ran into their buggy foe a second time.

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