Digimon Anime Reboot Reveals Story Details

The Digimon franchise is coming out swinging in celebration of the franchise's 20th Anniversary. With a new film bringing the original Digimon Adventure story to an end with Last Evolution Kizuna, the Digimon Adventure story will be getting a new entry too. It's admittedly resulted in mixed feelings from fans seeing that the same story getting an official end will soon be negated by an anime reboot, but as new story details have come to light from the series' official website it's looking like this will be a completely alternate take.

Story details translated by @JP_Excelsior on Twitter reveal that this new anime series, currently titled Digimon Adventure:, will indeed be a reboot. With a time jump to current day (rather than be set in the late 90s like the original), we'll be seeing younger versions of the original DigiDestined in a Digital World influenced by 2020s technology.

As confirmed in the first synopsis for the new anime, it will be set in our current year of 2020. The main protagonist of the series is still going to be Taichi Yagami, but now it's a much younger version of the character. He'll be in fifth grade with this new series, and the story is set in motion when a network failure broke out in Tokyo.

Initially labeled as cyberterrorism, the young Taichi rushes toward a speeding train that his mother and younger sister Kairi are caught on when technology begins to go amok. But once he gets to the train, he'll find himself (along with the rest of the DigiDestined) being sucked into the Digital World.

This initial synopsis is much different from the original series, but carries a lot of the same spirit. The greater technological advances will most likely play a role in how the Digital World is presented, but it's not like his younger age will throw things too far off from the original anime fans fell in love with. It's most likely going to take some getting used to for sure, but there's a chance that many of the original series' story elements will make their way into the new story! It's not out to completely rewrite the original, but make this whole alternate universe.


Digimon Adventure: will premiere in Japan later this April, but there's currently no confirmation of an English language release as of this writing. Are you going to watch this Digimon reboot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!