Detective Pikachu Artist Teases Live-Action Digimon Artwork

When it comes to nostalgic anime, a few franchises reign supreme. Any of the medium's early successes like Pokemon and Dragon Ball do well with fans, and the same can be said for Digimon. In fact, the tech-savvy franchise has had a comeback over the last few years, and it seems a popular artist has been paying attention.

After all, RJ Palmer has taken to Twitter to celebrate Digimon with a bit of a live-action surprise.

For those unaware, the artist is one who went viral years ago for their live-action take on Pokemon. Their work was so well-received that The Pokemon Company and Legendary Entertainment made him do official concept artwork for Detective Pikachu. Now, it seems Digimon has grabbed Palmer's eye, and he teased fans with a work-in-progress shot of Greymon.

As you can see above, the artwork shows off Greymon from the neck up. The partial shot focuses on how the evolved Digimon's head might look. Complete with red eyes, the dinosaur looks downright terrifying with its teeth and talons. The menacing look is only made worse thanks to Greymon's horned skull which makes this lifelike concept art truly terrifying.

For Palmer, this artwork was easy to justify given their work as a paleo artist. Dinosaurs are intricate beasts to draw, and this one has the extra complication of being a Digimon. After seeing this simple WIP shot, fans are already asking for a full collection of pieces, but that is not all. If Toei Animation is listening, a Digimon live-action film would not go amiss if Greymon ended up looking anything like this on the big screen.


So, do you think Digimon would do well as a live-action property? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Currently scheduled for a release February 21, 2020 in Japan, Tomohisa Taguchi will be directing Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna for Toei Animation. Akatsuki Yamatoya returns from the original series to write the screenplay, Seiji Tachikawa will serve as chief animation director, Hiromi Seki returns from the original series to serve as supervisor, Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru returns as character designer, and Kenji Watanabe returns as the Digimon designer.