'Dororo' Season One Episode Order Revealed

The winter anime season is reaching its midway point, and fans are dreading its end already. Shows [...]

The winter anime season is reaching its midway point, and fans are dreading its end already. Shows like Mob Psycho 100 have struck out as big hits, but the psychic series is not alone. Dororo has become a favorite too, and it seems there is more to come of the series.

Recently, the studio behind Dororo's latest anime series updated product details for its eventual home video release. It was there fans were told how many episodes total were ordered for Dororo, and the show will come in at two cours.

According to MAPPA, Dororo will consist of 24 episodes. The installments will be released on Blu-ray across two box sets, so fans can look forward to more of the hit series this spring.

So far, Dororo has released eight episodes which is par for the course this cour. The latest episode, "The Story of Saru", followed Hyakkimaru and Dororo as they went after a new demon resembling a giant centipede. So, good riddance.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dororo, the series is considered a classic in Japan. The story was created back in August 1967 under writer Osamu Tezuka. The creator worked with various publishers to finish the historical series, and Dororo completed its run a year later in July 1968 after four volumes.

In 1969, Dororo was given its first anime, and it lasted for 26 episodes. The franchise got a brief revival in 2007 when a live-action film was made, and MAPPA's on-going title is the latest take on the story.

The series follows two leads, a swordsmen named Hyakkimaru and an orphaned thief named Dororo. The former is born to a daimyo, but the father made a pact with demons to secure his power which forced his son to be born without limbs or facial features. Abandoned by his family, Hyakkimaru was given prostheses to function and learned he could kill the demons his father worked with to regain his humanity. This mission leads Hyakkimaru to meet Dororo on the road, and the pair begin a long journey through Japan's Sengoku period.

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