Dr. Stone Creator Hypes Upcoming Two-Shot Story

Dr. Stone is definitely one of the most original stories that have been released within the realm [...]

Dr. Stone is definitely one of the most original stories that have been released within the realm of manga and anime, with the series revolving around a young scientist attempting to navigate his way through a world that has been imprisoned in stone while also struggling to recreate society from the ground floor up. With the story of Senku focusing on technology and scientific experimentation, it's no surprise to see that the mangaka, Boichi, behind this tale is diving into the world of science once again with two upcoming short stories that will create new worlds outside of his Stone World.

Boichi hasn't only been busy with Dr. Stone, which began in 2017 and currently has twenty-one volumes to its name, alongside two seasons of its anime adaptation, he also lent his talents to the popular Shonen franchise known as One Piece, creating a mini-series that dove into the past of Ace, the brother of Luffy who sailed the Grand Line using the fire powers that he receiving from a Devil Fruit. On top of these upcoming short manga stories, Boichi has also had a large number of stories under his belt including the likes of Hotel, Space Chef Caisar, Sun-Ken Rock, and a handful of others. Like his contribution to One Piece, Boichi also created a story for the beloved anime franchise of Trigun known as Trigun: The Lost Planet.

Twitter User Manga Mogura RE shared the details of the upcoming two short stories that dive deep into the world of science fiction, holding the titles of Space-Time Traveller and Nameless Warrior, which will clearly rely on the art and storytelling of Boichi that have made the mangaka a beloved figure within the medium:

While Dr. Stone finished up its second season earlier this year, the franchise has already confirmed that a season three is in the works which will continue to expand the Stone World following Senku's adventures through the village that added even more questions to the universe created by Boichi.

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