Crunchyroll Launches Dr. Stone Into Space

Dr. Stone has been one of the most original anime franchises released in the past few years, [...]

Dr. Stone has been one of the most original anime franchises released in the past few years, following a young scientist named Senku who is attempting to free the world from a stone curse that has kept the majority of mankind trapped inside skin-tight stone prisons and now, the franchise has launched itself into outer space. With a partnership formed between the streaming service of Crunchyroll and the company Kaze, a Good Smile figurine of the Shonen protagonist was launched into the stratosphere to celebrate the popular anime series that is currently working on its third season.

The Official Twitter Account of Dr. Stone shared the amazing video in which the figurine of Senku was launched into outer space, proving that anime has become so big that it has stretched beyond the Earth itself and is literally reaching for the stars:

The creator of Dr. Stone, Riichiro Inagaki, lent their thoughts on the achievement that saw Senku propelling into outer space:

"Senku has finally gone to space in our physical world......! Although this has not happened within the story in the Stone World, this may have been him getting a preview in advance. Biggest thanks to everyone involved in making this amazing project a reality! Thank you for your continued support."

On top of Inagaki's words, the social media manager for Crunchyroll, Bastien Guetta, also added some commentary, seeing as Senku's dream in the original story was to venture into outer space himself, much as his father had done years before the events of the manga took place:

"Sending Senku into space was a challenge! It is with great pleasure that we unveil today the final result of several months of work between our French and American teams and our partners in Japan. All this to tell you to watch Dr. STONE on Crunchyroll and on DVD and Blu-ray at Kazé."

Season Two of Dr. Stone came to an end earlier this year, but the series has already confirmed that a third season is on the way, further exploring the Stone World that has been plagued with problems as Senku attempts to bring back modern civilization.

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