Dragon Ball Writer Calls on Beerus to Challenge the Coronavirus

It is impossible to overlook the current pandemic facing the public today, and it has even caught [...]

It is impossible to overlook the current pandemic facing the public today, and it has even caught the attention of a certain God of Destruction. The novel coronavirus which was once sequestered in China has since spread beyond the country to infect nearly every nation, which leaves braves medical teams to fight against COVID-19. Of course, netizens are looking for any spot of good news they can when it comes to the virus, and Beerus of Universe 7 has some reassuring words to share with them.

Over on Twitter, the Dragon Ball fighter showed up out of nowhere when Toshio Yoshitaka posted a sketch of Beerus. The anime screenwriter wanted to let netizens know the Dragon Ball universe is on there side and that Beerus would love to eradicate the coronavirus if he could.

The drawing, which you can see below, is a simple sketch seemingly done by Yoshitaka. The God of Destruction is dressed as usual in his Egyptian-inspired gear, and Beerus looks none too concerned about the virus. After all, the fighter is the ever-immortal God of Destruction, and he knows he could take out the virus if he really needed to... and he says as much.

Sadly, our universe does not have someone like Beerus to push back against the virus, but we do have our own heroes. There are doctors researching coronavirus around the globe looking for cures and future vaccines to control the spread of COVID-19. From Germany to Switzerland and China, the search for a treatment is ongoing, and progress is being made each day. So if Goku wants to keep Beerus, that is fine. We've got our own heroes helping us overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

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