Dragon Ball Drops Vegeta's Berserk Form in New Poster

While fans have waited patiently for Dragon Ball Super to return, the anime has lived on in its [...]

While fans have waited patiently for Dragon Ball Super to return, the anime has lived on in its own way with a special side story. Super Dragon Ball Heroes has filled that hole for thousands, and it has taken Goku on some wild journeys. Of course, Vegeta has tagged along and gotten stronger in his own right. Now, it seems like the Saiyan has unlocked a special Saiyan transformation, and the berserk form was just given the spotlight in a new poster.

In his battle against Cumber and Turles, Vegeta was able to come to grips with the past of the Saiyans, inheriting the new "evil transformation" as a result and defeating the two Saiyans that stood in his way. With the masked Saiyan staring on, who is revealed to actually be a resurrected Goku Black, it's clear that the Saiyan Prince gained this new transformation at just the right time. Super Dragon Ball Heroes' latest storyline of the Space-Time War isn't anywhere close to wrapping up, with the anime hinting at the return of the likes of Cell and Gohan as the episodes march on.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared a number of cards used in the arcade video game Dragon Ball Heroes, that not only feature Gogeta, Vegito, and Goku Black in his Super Saiyan Rose form but gives us a better look at the new form of Vegeta that he recently acquired:

Currently, in Dragon Ball Super's manga, Vegeta isn't focusing on learning a transformation that ties into the past of the Saiyans but rather, is studying under Beerus in a bid to learn how to harness the power of the Gods of Destruction, hoping that it will give him the upper hand in the battle against the current strongest being in the universe, Granolah. While the intergalactic bounty hunter has yet to appear in Heroes, we definitely wouldn't be surprised if he made an appearance in the future of the spin-off.

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