Dragon Ball Fan Gives Beerus a Fem Twist with Impressive Cosplay

When it comes to cosplaying, you might think the Dragon Ball fandom has done it all, but that is [...]

When it comes to cosplaying, you might think the Dragon Ball fandom has done it all, but that is not the case. It turns out fans are always finding new ways to honor their favorite fighter from the franchise, and Dragon Ball Super endeared millions to Beerus. That is why one fan is bringing attention to the God of Destruction with a special cosplay. The look gives Beerus a fem makeover, and it pushes the fighter's power levels to new heights.

Beerus has stood out from day one given how different his design was from any of the godly beings we had seen in Dragon Ball to that point. Gone were the pointy ear and insect like aesthetic of King Kai, and the more human features of the Supreme Kai, and instead replaced with an Egyptian God like take for Beerus the Destroyer. Now artist @GracieTheCosplayLass has taken this design to an even higher level of godhood with a cosplay putting a fem twist on the God of Destruction! Check it out from their Instagram below:

As Dragon Ball Super's manga continues far beyond where the anime came to an end, Beerus is starting to take far more of a proactive role in the series as a whole. While Beerus had been perfectly content with sitting on the sidelines while Goku dealt with the mortals' problems, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc proved that he can't quite do that forever as Goku and Vegeta have broken the ceiling to god power.

In fact, as of the newest chapter of the series, Beerus just might be gearing up to train Vegeta in the Destroyer's various techniques. It's yet to be seen where this will eventually lead, but seeing Beerus become more of an active participant in the narrative would be great for everyone. It's also sure to inspire more awesome cosplay like this! But what do you think?

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