Dragon Ball: Beerus Teases a New Type of God Power

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter has Beerus tease a new kind of God power! Now that Dragon Ball [...]

Dragon Ball Super's newest chapter has Beerus tease a new kind of God power! Now that Dragon Ball Super has officially begun the Granolah arc with the newest chapter of the series, it's starting to lay the ground work for the future of Goku and Vegeta's respective paths to strength. With Goku now achieving godhood with his new mastery of the Ultra Instinct state, Vegeta has been left behind as he now has to find a new path to power. But luckily it seems there has been a path put in place as Vegeta will be working closer with Beerus.

Chapter 68 of the series sees Goku training with Whis in order to better use his Ultra Instinct and potentially take it to the next level, but Vegeta's worried about how he's going to catch up to Goku in his own way. Beerus then teases that there is indeed an option for Vegeta with a new kind of god power that the Gods of Destruction have at their disposal.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus New God Powers Tease Spoilers Manga
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The chapter sees Vegeta and Beerus looking on Whis' training with Goku, and Beerus asks whether or not Vegeta wants to try out Ultra Instinct for himself as well. When Vegeta says he wants to surpass Goku in another way, Beerus mentions that it's possible because Ultra Instinct isn't the only technique of the gods because that would mean they'd have to stay calm and tranquil all the time.

Beerus then invites Vegeta to watch him training in those techniques, and this opens up some interesting questions about what other abilities the Gods of Destruction have. Because if it were just the Hakai technique, it's almost as if Beerus would have just outright told Vegeta about Hakai. Just as how we've seen it's possible for mortals to pick up the godly abilities with enough training, it seems Vegeta could be on his way toward learning these abilities as well.

It won't be just Hakai either as the just as we've seen how Ultra Instinct has morphed into all sorts of abilities due to Goku's training, any godly training Vegeta does will stack onto his own fighting techniques in a different way as well. But what do you think Beerus is teasing here? Is it a tease of new techniques the Destroyers have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!