This ‘Dragon Ball’ Christmas Tree Is Over 9000

When it comes to Christmas, people may not automatically connect the holiday with Dragon Ball. Guys like Goku are not stereotypically festive, but one fans just proved the entire fandom that the franchise can be holly-jolly.

After all, this Dragon Ball-themed Christmas tree has got netizens hoping Shenron will grant them one.

Over on Reddit, a fan posted a photo he took of his friend’s Christmas tree, and it is getting lots of traction. The image, which can be seen below, shows a normal tree lit up with white lights, but its decorations are something else. Yes, the festive decor has Dragon Ball ornaments, but it also has collector cards hung from its branches as well.

My buddy put up this Christmas tree and it is over 9,000 from dbz

However, it is the tree’s garland that really deserves the praise.

As you can see, the tree uses green and gold garland to put Shenron around it. The winding twine can be seen moving up the tree before it reaches the top. Rather than having an angel like Whis mount the tree, the garland connects to Shenron’s head. The DIY topping features the dragon’s sharp teeth, golden horns, and glowing red eyes. So, if Santa is not careful, the old guy will get quite a fright when he tries to place gifts under this tree.

In the comments, the tree’s owner further explained how the decoration came together. “This is my tree, my dad said he didn't want a tree 'cause he hates Christmas... but he loves Dragon Ball c; TLDR: The 7 Dragon Balls were clear Christmas balls whose insides are painted with DIY suncatcher paint (elmers glue+food color).”


“Shenron's face is air dry clay, acrylic painted. He has a pocket of clay behind his eyeholes where I fit little LED lights:D His mouth/jaw is made from foam sheets and paper. Oh and his horns are copper wire, taped to thickness, and covered in felt! Nimbus clouds are cotton balls dyed with food coloring, rolled out and swirled around each other, hot glued,” the user continued. “I collect DBZ cards from the days of old but all those here were from $1 packs of 5 specifically for this project.”

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