Dragon Ball Kicks Off Historical Team-Up with Goku, Jiren, and Hit

When it comes to Dragon Ball, fans are always looking to lift up their favorite characters, and their never against a good fantasy match pitch. In the same way people do fantasy sports, fans will fight over whether Goku should fit Yamcha or Zeno next. Of course, the same goes for drafting fantasy team matches, and it seems like Dragon Ball just brought one of them to life.

After all, the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes has gone live, and it confirms a big team-up is underway. Goku has been reunited with Jiren and Hit at last, but he will not be fighting them. This time, the Saiyan will work with the fighters to take out a villain who just got one of the most powerful upgrades ever.

For those who have seen episode 16, you will know how everything shakes down. Fans watch as Goku and the Universe 7 are met with Revived Zamasu who is feeling surly. The baddie is able to get Goku into a painful hold, leaving Future Trunks in despair while the Universe Seed powers Hearts behind them all. But in a quick flash, all of his worries are put at ease when Jiren shows up.

The fighter comes right from Universe 11, and Jiren says nothing to Goku aside from freeing him. The team figures out the Pride Trooper must have been sent by his Kaioshin to stop Hearts, and he is not the only one sent. From Universe 6, Hit is hired by his overseer to take out Hearts, and Goku is more than okay with the hit. Now, the trio are set to fight Hearts who has powered into his Godslayer form, so they've got a big battle to navigate. And if all goes well, this historic Dragon Ball team-up will end up well for all the fighters involved.


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