Dragon Ball Synopsis Teases Planet Vegeta's Demise

Dragon Ball is thriving right now thanks to its manga, and it was made clear a new movie is in the works for Goku. While these updates are all keeping the mainline series on track, Dragon Ball Heroes is still doing its own thing to the side. After all, the PR anime has a new episode on the horizon, and its synopsis has set up the demise of Planet Vegeta!

The whole thing went live this week when the synopsis for Dragon Ball Heroes' new episode went live. It was there the 'Space-Time War' arc pitched the destruction of Planet Vegeta, and fans aren't sure if they can handle it being blown apart... again.

Want to know more? You can find the synopsis of "Super Saiyan Rose vs Ultra Instinct! A Great Planet-Shaking Battle" here: "Vegeta is overwhelmed by Cumber and Tulles. However, the Red Masked Saiyan gets the better of Goku and company single-handedly. He then tries to destroy Planet Vegeta. In the midst of a planet-shaking duel, Goku and company are rescued by the Ultimate Android who has been brought back from hell!"

Clearly, the Dragon Ball Heroes synopsis has put our heroes in a bad place. Goku is beaten very easily by Goku Black in all of his Super Saiyan glory. With Vegeta out for the count, this leaves the planet ripe for destruction, so fans are curious how this will impact the world's parallel space. If damage to Earth here harms the planet in Universe 7, the consequences of Planet Vegeta being obliterated might amount to nothing. After all, the homeworld is already gone in Universe 7, but that does not mean its destruction will hurt any less this time around.


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